Yes, once again it has been a horrifically long time since I last posted anything on here. In fact, it fell to a very good friend of mine to point this out to me. But no matter: I may or may not be back now. A new university year is in full swing, bringing with it a change of degree for me, a new (although only to its tenants) house, and new things to write about. So while I decide whether this blog may or may not take a change of direction (OK, it probably won’t – I like films and music too much to veer off track completely) I’ll leave you with a few brief thoughts that might give you a hint as to what I might write about in the future…

  1. So, Homeland, anyone?
  2. Alt-J are bloody good, aren’t they?
  3. So is Laura Marling.
  4. Downton Abbey is rapidly becoming too depressing for me. Despite the presence of the world’s cutest baby.
  5. I read books for a degree now. Books are cool.
  6. My housemate and I are considering a student cooking blog.

SO YES. Things will happen soon. I promise, Naomi…


Anything to add?

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