The secondary ‘Skyfall’ post

I’m a great believer in watching films more than once. There’s far too much that can be missed the first time around: if you don’t know the plot beforehand you’re too busy trying to figure out what’s going on to pay attention to the finer details. Plus, I never get bored of anything (it’s true, everything I love I’ve enjoyed at least ten times, regardless of format). So yes, I think it’s fairly obvious that I went to see Skyfall again. And free of extreme emotional impact (and in the comfort of the most beautiful cinema in The Cotswolds) I was able to come to a few conclusions…
1. The artistic direction is fantastic. There is not a shot in the entire film which isn’t beautiful (while the final showdown is dark it’s STILL good, and you can kind of see what’s going on) – particularly in Shanghai/Macau, which is truly remarkably presented and an absolute pleasure to watch. Even if your mother is sat next to you saying ‘that’s like David Beckham at the Olympics!’…
2. The credits weirded me out at first and I was initially distracted by trying to untangle the theme’s lyrics but on second viewing the whole situation improved dramatically. The title screen is particularly brilliant.
3. Best action opening ever. Better even that Pierce Brosnan jumping off that dam at the start of Goldeneye. It’s an opening that packs a significant punch and leaves you wondering where things can possibly go from here.
4. Generally brilliant action sequences. You expect that from a Bond film, though. Main reason people pay to see them (and I, of course, who pay to see them at least twice).
5. The acting. Obviously. Particularly from Javier Bardem and Ben Whishaw. I won’t divulge any more details, though, because I don’t want to.
Also I like the moral lesson of ‘you mess with me? Fine. You mess with my car? PREPARE TO DIIIIIIIE’. Because I’d go mental if anyone tampered with my Aston Martin DB5 (it’s on my Christmas list; I can dream) too. Ooft, what a car…
Skyfall definitely stands the test of multiple viewings. I’ll seriously consider breaking my personal record of single film cinema viewings for it. So if you haven’t seen it at least once, I truly recommend it.


Anything to add?

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