Album rediscovery

It’s been a long and tiring week, as the first week of a new semester often is: you need time to get into the swing of things and, if you’re me, you need to get used to walking into campus at 8:15 in the morning (which is more difficult than it sounds). It hasn’t been the best of weeks, but thanks to my iPod and the collection I’ve amassed on it, it hasn’t been the worst either. A combination of shuffle and ages of scrolling through 20 days’ worth of albums has reminded me of a few albums that are worth another listen, and I thought that it’d be nice to share them with the group.

The Raconteurs – ‘Consolers of the Lonely’ (2008):

From the first (and title) track through to the end, this is a brilliant album and one that succeeds the greatness of ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’ (another album which I love). The sheer diversity of songs, from the melodic ballad-esque ‘You Don’t Understand Me’ and its beautiful piano introduction, to the blistering ‘Attention’, to the bluesy and bitter ‘Many Shades of Black’ (which remains one of my favourite songs), means that there truly is one song on the album that would appeal to any individual. A great band, and only as I looked up the release date of this album (2008, really?!) I realised how long it’s been since they released anything. However, seeing how busy all of them are with their other projects that makes sense…

Paloma Faith – ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?’ (2009):

Last year’s ‘Fall To Grace’ is a wonderful and moving album, but for me ‘DYWTTOSB?’ remains my favourite Paloma Faith album, and probably will be for some time. The surprise of hearing that voice, and the anthemic debut single ‘Stone Cold Sober’, was quite something, and I loved the album from the first play. It’s a fantastic mix of genres; pop and blues and soul and everything you could possibly want. She is one of the best female vocalists around at the moment and I hope she continues to record. Her videos are also generally great.

(Those shoes! That headdress!)

Suede – ‘Dog Man Star’ (1994):

It is a masterpiece, and there’s no denying it. Raw, harsh, tortured, it is a powerful listen and one that sticks with you for a long time afterwards. It’s also an album that can speak for itself better than I can ever dream of doing…

Although there are obviously many more fantastic albums in the world that I am yet to rediscover, or discover entirely, these three will carry me through the rest of the week and fortify me for another attempt at Semester Two.


Anything to add?

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