The most exciting things from SDCC 2013

Before this year I’d never really had much interest in Comic-Con. The views of the general public – that it’s exclusively for characters in The Big Bang Theory – were something I’d never really thought of questioning. However, over the past year I’ve become far more comfortable with the fact that I’m a bit of a nerd, and I’ve also learned how to use the internet: two factors which have made it a whole lot easier to keep track of events at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. So in case you’ve managed to avoid the excitable ponderings of other enthusiastic fans over the past week, here’s a run-down of some of the best things I have learned from the internet. Just when you thought I would have forgotten about it…

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special sounds amazing:

Well, we all knew it had to be. I’ve probably written about Doctor Who on here more than I have about anything else, and I’ve made no secret of the fact that it’s one of my favourite shows on the planet. The fantastic ‘The Name of the Doctor’ looked to be setting up a lot of new developments, as well as giving the impression it was answering loads of questions (which, on reflection, it probably didn’t really do). In the panel we were promised resolutions to a few of these questions, which is both reassuring and compelling: I personally hope we get to find out why the TARDIS exploded in series five, which is something I’ve never quite managed to let go of. Also judging from certain comments I’ve seen in the press (no footage has been leaked on penalty of the producers never attending Comic-Con again, which is entirely fair enough) it looks hilarious. I’m so excited about the Tennant/Smith Doctor banter I can’t possibly articulate it. If the episode turns out to be everything I’ve seen from Doctor Who in the past, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic, and the 23rd November can’t come quickly enough.

Also the Daleks are back. I’m sure there’ll be haters, but did anyone honestly think that the Doctor’s most famous foes WOULDN’T show up in the show’s 50th anniversary episode?

Sherlock is happening:

There isn’t really much to say about Sherlock, because due to a truly-atrocious internet connection I haven’t been able to see the video of Benedict Cumberbatch demonstrating how Sherlock survived the fall using stuffed toys. This makes me sad, but hey, at least I’ve got imagination to sustain me through this dark time. Other than that, I haven’t seen much that I wasn’t already familiar with. This paragraph is almost entirely pointless apart from allowing me to bring up Sherlock, which has therefore put it back on my radar and drawn attention to it here. I’m hoping that we’ll see the series air within the year, but if it doesn’t I think the mega-careers of its two stars and the writers are valid reasons for it not to be hurried.

The Catching Fire trailer is outstanding:

Although I should be more literary than this, I can’t deny that the books I return to the most are solidly in the pre-teen/young adult categories. The Hunger Games is one of these series. Even though I’ve only been familiar with them over the course of the past year they’ve made a pretty indelible impact on my reading life, and I could quite comfortably say that I think they’ve some of the finest and most powerful stories I’ve ever read. I also saw the first film in the planned series before I read the books, which is something that has paid off more than I thought it would (I can enjoy them as films rather than just as adaptations, which is something I usually struggle with). The panel at SDCC confirmed several things: firstly, that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most entertaining celebrity figures I can remember in my lifetime. Secondly, that they don’t half know how to make a good trailer. This second trailer (the first was released several months ago) shows footage up until the Quarter Quell this time, and brings the love triangle more to the centre. I’m completely relieved that we still haven’t seen much of the arena apart from a shot of Katniss entering it and diving off the podium because I would really like that to be a surprise on the big screen (I don’t hold my breath, though, because this film’s due out in November). I’m also glad that they’re drawing more attention to the motivations behind Katniss’ actions towards Peeta in the first arena, which I think wasn’t covered so much in the first film. All in all I think it’s a ridiculously good trailer which gave me goosebumps when I watched it, and I hope it points towards a really strong film.

Marvel still aren’t disappointing:

To be honest, I don’t think Marvel can make many mistakes, so my opinion is wholly subjective. I love every film in Phase One, and although there are some blips my love for the Avengers series isn’t going away. The two most recent films in the series (if it can strictly be called that), Avengers Assemble and Iron Man 3, have been some of the most successful blockbuster hits in history. While the release of the title of Avengers 2, or Avengers: Age of Ultron as it is now officially named, doesn’t strike as much of a chord with me as it does with the fanboys any news about these films is accompanied with a buzz that it’s hard not to get swept up in, and I have no intention of trying to fight it. 2015 seems like a long way away, but its release is second only to my (planned) graduation from university in the ‘big event’ stakes. For something closer in the future to get excited about, upcoming TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. looks amazing (although I accidentally read some pilot-spoilers I really wish I hadn’t). Also The Guardians of the Galaxy panel dispelled quite a substantial amount of my cynicism about the film: it sounds properly funny, and even a two-line exchange I saw copied in several articles had me snickering out loud. I’ll see it. I know I will.

Man of Steel 2, though…:

Or Superman/Batman, which it more accurately is (or Batman vs Superman, according to some recent rumours). Zack Snyder has confirmed that Man of Steel 2 will be not just have one DC hero, but two. I have absolutely no idea how this’ll work, but I imagine there are ways – from a shot of the satellite in Man of Steel, and the reaction to it, it’s clear that people are aware this is a world in which Batman (or Bruce Wayne certainly) exists. I’m one of the few people I know who actually thoroughly enjoyed Man of Steel despite its issues (are there any buildings or people left in Metropolis?!), and I’ll go along to the sequel with the same childish enthusiasm I had for the first film. But Superman/BATMAN? He’s probably my favourite from the DC canon, but it’s only been a year since we last saw a Batman incarnation (and we can be fairly certain this will be a different Batman) on screen. It seems a little too soon, especially after everyone LOVED Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy so much. Still, Superman’s always seemed a bit primary-coloured to me, so adding some Batman into the mix might not necessarily be a bad thing.

It’s been too long since I last watched Community:

Some fabulous individual put the Community panel (or most of it anyway) on YouTube, and thanks to Empire’s Twitter account I found out about it. OK, there was a lot of drawing attention to re-runs on a channel I, as a UK citizen, don’t have access to, but big deal, it’s an American show being discussed in San Diego. Still, the new series should apparently have finished production by Christmas, and it’s clear that they all love doing it and are determined to get to six seasons, and hopefully the movie as well. Also, Dan Harmon’s entrance dressed in a cardboard Iron Man costume and paraphrasing Tony Stark’s opening speech in Iron Man 2 was probably one of the greatest entrances to anything I’ve ever seen in my life, so that was a TREAT.

There are also lots of other things which are worth mentioning, but I don’t have enough about them to merit individual paragraphs. First of all, the photo of many, many people from the X-Men films is worth a look (I saw it here), if you’re a fan and you haven’t seen it, purely for purposes of squealing at the prospect of seeing them all in a film together (also, I didn’t get this from Comic-Con coverage but the first X-Men: Days of Future Past posters are enough to get fans excited). I haven’t read anything about Amazing Spider-Man 2 because for some reason THAT’S the one film I’ve decided to avoid spoiling for myself through the internet and social media. Also, I am far more excited about the Godzilla remake than I should be…

In short, the coverage of San Diego’s Comic Con 2013 has shown me that not only is it totally OK to be a nerd, but they seem like some of the most enthusiastic people in the world. They truly love what they watch, and I would have given quite a lot to be in California with them this weekend.


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