Elections 2015: The Beginning

OK, I have a confession to make. I’ve been taking my blog-writing skills elsewhere. At the start of term, and the start of my term as SUSUtv’s SUSU Exec, I pitched the idea for a Production Diaries series for the website and, well, it’s taken off far better than I could have dreamed. I won’t go near claiming credit for all of it – why would I? So many other members of committee and exec have written far more brilliant posts than I could – but towards the beginning of term it certainly took up most of my writing enthusiasm, and as the semester’s gone on it’s become increasingly difficult to write alongside all the other things I’ve had to do, both at SUSUtv and at university on the whole. Final year. It happens. But I’m going to change this, starting from now, because I’ve got an opportunity to start an extended writing series on here, and to work towards a shorter piece on susu.tv closer to the actual event itself. This opportunity is SUSU’s Elections 2015.

Elections 2015, firstly, is in February. I know for many people even the idea of 2015 at all seems like an age away. But I know from experience, both from my own time at uni (I don’t understand how this term has gone so quickly) and from accounts of Elections coverage in the past, that it’ll come around a lot sooner than you think. So, for this reason, on the 19th November 2014, a few of us involved in SUSUtv’s Elections production had a meeting to discuss what we wanted for the event. Now, I’m obviously not going to tell you a lot about the minutia of the meeting. It’s not a good idea, on so many levels – but mainly that if some of the ideas we have for the night, and the season as a whole, it’ll be nice to have a few surprises. But I will tell you that it is really exciting to be thinking about the night already. For logistical reasons, starting so early makes a tonne of sense. Firstly, there are a lot of tech things to be sorted. We have to hire in kit, and to make sure all of the kit we have is in full working order. Secondly, we’ve got to begin planning for crew roles, presenter roles, and everything else we want in the big live production Elections season ends with (let alone all the other VTs, videos, and publicity we’ll be doing in the run-up). Thirdly, there’s so much that needs to be done from a production viewpoint. We need to know when we can film, edit, and run these videos. We also need to know who’s going to make them. Perhaps most importantly, we need to know what they’re going to be. It’s going to be a lot of work.

Another reason why it’s really exciting to be thinking about Elections 2015 is the fact that it’s really, actually, quite ridiculously exciting for me as an individual nerdy human person. As SUSU Exec for SUSUtv, it’s a production I’ve been looking forward to working on from start to finish since I ran. In fact, it’s a huge reason for why I ran. It’s undeniably going to be fantastically stressful, for academic reasons (coinciding deadlines, hooray!) and for reasons of scale (it is an ENORMOUS production). But as SUSU Exec, it’s part of my responsibility to be involved in the coverage of all events relating to my university’s students’ union, and I’m really, genuinely looking forward to working with other amazing members of committee, exec, and members who make being part of SUSUtv really great. And the first time that I knew that I wanted to be a part of SUSUtv? Elections 2014. I was on social media then. This is probably a bit of a step up, responsibility-wise.

Two years ago, I sat at home watching all the uni’s student media coverage of SUSU Elections. I made a joke then (admittedly not a great one) about how the year before all I did was vote, and said ‘at this rate I’ll be involved in it next year’. Er, yeah. So, that happened. It’s happened again. Just as long as I don’t run for an actual position, I’m fine with that.

For the sake of actual hyping up why this is so exciting, though, here’s SUSUtv’s NaSTA award-winning live entry for Elections 2013 (which I was sitting at home watching – I couldn’t find the one from last year):


Anything to add?

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