A week in film: week 3

Just as a heads up: my film run-downs for the next two weeks won’t be all that exciting. I’ve been preparing for a takeaway exam (which is nowhere near as delicious as it sounds), and therefore much of my time and brain-space has been filled by attempting to commit ‘useful’ facts about Christopher Columbus’s writings to memory. We’ll see how successful that is when the exam actually starts next week, but for now just know that I would be watching more challenging things if I had the energy to do so.

This being said, I haven’t exactly been avoiding film and TV entirely this week. My determination to not pick up a new show which I will want to binge-watch has put me in slightly boring position for writing about, but with certain shows returning to weekly airings I haven’t completely fallen off the radar. Parks and Recreation is back in the USA now, and thanks to an unfortunate addiction to Tumblr and a couple of other bad habits I’m almost completely in the loop – although I’m not particularly wild about what I’ve seen. I was also putting off watching the mid-season finale episodes of both The Flash and Arrow, as things happen in both of them that I wasn’t particularly eager to see again (and for the sake of keeping spoiler-free, I won’t divulge what they were). Still, when I finally persuaded myself to watch it I enjoyed Arrow immensely, and I remain sceptical (but generally appreciative) of The Flash. I’m looking forward to when the mid-season break’s over in the next few weeks.

On one of my breaks from work I also went on my first Southampton-based cinema trip of the year, heading down to the ODEON with a couple of my friends to see Into The Woods. Due to some freak timing-based cock up on my part we only entered the screen in the film’s opening minutes, and I didn’t quite manage to settle into the film from there on in. Don’t get me wrong, I can see the film’s merits – it just didn’t work for me. I felt distinctly as if it had been toned down too much for a family audience but still retained edges which were a bit too much for family viewing, and due to the compromise it fell between two stools and didn’t work. I’m looking forward to seeing a production of the stage show, which I’ve heard has a lot more edge, and will hopefully put the film out of my head. With this in mind, however, I will see basically anything with Emily Blunt in, and for that reason alone I’m glad I saw it (she’s an absolute joy).

DVD-wise, it’s been fairly standard for me. I like watching a film in the evening if I can, but thanks to extended days of staring at screens I’ve eased back on my usual habits. So this week it’s only been a couple of films for me, all of which I’ve already seen (and one of which I’ve already written about). Firstly, because I considered it of utmost importance, I made my housemate watch How To Train Your Dragon 2. Apart from our other housemate conducting a very loud phone conversation in room next door (and therefore talking over some of the key emotional beats), it still worked just as well for me as it did a few weeks ago. I even still cried, for God’s sakes. We also spent a night watching Captain America: The First Avenger, which I enjoy more every time I watch it. It’s got a lot of heart to it, and ends on an amazingly downbeat ending before Avengers Assemble; a move I really love but had managed to forget. For some reason we’re on a bit of a Captain America kick right now, so we’ve also watched Avengers Assemble, and we’ve got plans to watch the other films in which he features. I’m not entirely sure how we got to that decision, but it’s one that’s been made and I’m seeing it through, goddammit.

I would also be remiss in my duties as a Marvel addict if I didn’t say that I watched the second Avengers trailer, which was released this week. There are lots of FIGHTS in it. But crucially, none which we haven’t seen hinted before (the Hulkbuster shots, I’m hoping, were just later in a sequence glimpsed in the previous trailer). I love finding out about these films, but up a point – I don’t want anything spoiled. So, basically, it worked for me. If you haven’t seen it, take a look below.


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