A week in film: week 9

Hooray! I have actually watched a film this week! I said I would, and I’ve kept my promise. Which is nice. Bad news, though – it was Edge of Tomorrow. I can’t quite rationally explain what it is about that film that I love so much. Is it just Emily Blunt? No, although she’s a huge part of it – it sticks in my head that someone fancast her as Captain Marvel, and that is casting I can get behind. Is it the aliens? No, although again I do like aliens, and I love the design of the Mimics in this film. I don’t really know what it is, but for some reason it’s fast becoming one of my favourite films. Anyway, I took the opportunity this week to introduce my other housemate to it (one saw it with me initially and didn’t like it, but the less said about that the better) and it went down well, which is always nice to see. I may have only been half paying attention as I did a whole lot of other things, but what I saw again I did really love. That film. That film makes me happy.

Other things continuing to make me happy seem to be Community, which I’ve apparently started watching again on a regular basis. I’ve been picking up towards the end of series three, which means I’ve recently watched the frankly outstanding episode ‘Pillows and Blankets’, which might be one of my favourites EVER. It’s glorious. I wish my university just packed up for a few days to have a pillow fight. But still, even though it means Troy and Abed are apart for most of the episode, it’s still an utter classic and one that cements that show as one of my favourite comedies of all time.

This week has also seen me finish watching BoJack Horseman, which I’m not sure I could say I enjoyed as thoroughly as I love Community, but I’m glad I’ve seen nonetheless. It’s weird, it’s really dark, and it’s actually kind of sad, but it has moments of pure genius in it and for that it’s worth all the bizarre dreams I had thanks to watching it just before I went to sleep. So, this once again puts me in a position where I’m out of shows. Thankfully, it’s peak deadline/Elections season, so my time is really limited. Hopefully this means I’ll actually be watching a few more films over the coming weeks, as somehow a whole load of films is a smaller commitment than picking up a new TV show. Somehow. In my head that makes sense anyway.


Anything to add?

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