A week in film: week 14

It’s going to be another comparatively short post this week, because I’m fairly sure that I witter on for ages and I need to cut down on that a bit. As I apparently watch the same stuff week in week out my posts aren’t that interesting, so I’m going to keep it as concise as possible – and starting watching new things as soon as my dissertation is over and out of my life (a glorious time for which I cannot wait). But, for now, I’ll keep it as short as I can, knowing full well I’ll probably find hundreds more words than I really need.

So, yep, it’s been more Poldark and Once Upon A Time for me this week. I’m sceptical about both of them but my life would be far less fun if I didn’t have them to be continually snarky about. Poldark is only a weekly thing but the glow of ridiculousness around it warms my heart for the few days after I’ve seen it. The script’s still dodgy. The scenery holds less appeal now. The Poldark drinking/snacking game (take a drink every time there’s a shot of someone riding on a horse across some cliffs; two drinks if there’s two people on the horse) is still a pretty good way of passing the time. But it really, overall, it’s still hopeless.

I have the same kind of thing to say about Once Upon A Time, although I don’t enjoy talking my way through it as much as I do with Poldark. Instead, I’m finding myself attached to storylines I know are utterly preposterous. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – as I’ve proved with my week-in, week-out attachments to these shows – but it isn’t filling me with the same kind of joy any more. A couple of characters I’ve liked in the past have begun to frustrate me. Narratives I wasn’t that keen on to begin with are rising to the forefront of the season. Oh well. I know that no matter what it does I’ll keep watching it until the end now – and when certain characters turn up (hello, Hook) I’m reminded of why I got quite so into it in the first place.

But hey, new things! For the first time in an absolute age I’ve been to the cinema, and for the first time in even longer I actually enjoyed what I saw. Yeah. Cinderella. Who knew? I certainly didn’t. I’m planning on writing a full review about it sometime before the middle of next week, but in the meantime I’ll just say that if you want your heart warmed, I’d look no further than this. It made my cynical self smile – and quite a lot, too. It wasn’t something I was expecting to enjoy but I really did. Not my coolest Friday night experience ever, but a lot of fun regardless.

I’ve got even more DVDs coming in the post this week – thanks, CeX, for your glorious exchange system – and I can tell you right now that I’ll probably watch Once Upon A Time instead. I feel like my readers will understand this about my character by now. It’s a burden, really.


Anything to add?

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