A week in film: week 27

Once again, I’m going to be making a whole bunch of apologies for the fact that I haven’t got a lot to talk about this week. Instead of binge-watching TV, like I’d want to be, I’ve been working and stressing and completely forgetting that I made a weekly commitment to write about the things I’ve been watching and, well, you can’t really do that if you haven’t watched anything. So, after panicking a bit more, I hit upon the solution. While my brain didn’t count it as proper TV because it isn’t fictional, I have in fact watched something. Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is the only sporting event I genuinely look forward to. For the past couple of years, I’ve sat and watched almost every match available to me, actually getting my head around the bizarre rules of tennis (and eventually learning that it was in fact ‘deuce’, not ‘juice’, like I’d thought for my entire life). Wimbledon signals the start of summer: a time when it’s socially acceptable to drink boatloads of Pimms and eat an array of summery snacks. Despite my general dislike of summer (hayfever ruins it almost entirely), Wimbledon is a part of it I can fully get behind.

This year, while I haven’t been able to watch as many matches as I’d like, I have been lucky with the ones I have seen. Notable highlights so far include qualifier Dustin Brown beating Rafael Nadal, five time Grand Slam champion, and Heather Watson coming so unbelievably close to (and completely deserving of) a win against world number one, Serena Williams. These matches, mercifully, and entirely coincidentally, have been beginning as I’ve been getting home so I’ve been able to enjoy them from beginning to end instead of catching them on the highlights.

As for the highlights programme itself, well…I’m not going to spend ages banging on about 2Day At Wimbledon because everyone else already has. I’ve got nothing to add, apart from the fact that acknowledging the title upsets me, or that the first episode was genuinely uncomfortable. I will admit that they have improved a little in later days. They even have chairs to sit on now. But still, I do miss last year’s format a bit – even if I appreciate that the BBC have tried to mix things up a bit.

Wimbledon’s only on for another week, so if you’re not converted to its summery ways yet, there’s still time. I’m still going to be watching as much of it as I can in the evenings. This means that once again, there might be a lack of actual TV and film for me to talk about. Unless I put on the odd DVD, like Grand Budapest Hotel, which I watched again last Sunday and adored. It’s such a funny film, which you might not necessarily expect, and Ralph Fiennes is utterly fantastic. If you haven’t seen it (even if you’re not a Wes AnderFan, which I fully understand), I’d recommend you do. There’s also every possibility that I might take a random trip to the cinema mid-week, as I did on Tuesday when we saw Jurassic World in IMAX. I have a lengthier post about this film to write, but I will just say that films, seen for a second time, sometimes have a different impact. And if our world is really so advanced and technologically capable, how come we haven’t invented 3D glasses that fit over glasses we need to see?


Anything to add?

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