A week in film: week 29

Well, as I start writing this post, it’s precisely 12:16am on Sunday and I’m eating leftover pick and mix. This approach to writing has a lot in common with the way I’ve been watching movies this week. There have been a LOT of sweets involved. This works out quite well for you guys, ’cause the increased sugar intake means a) more enthusiasm, before I crash and b) more energy to fuel watching films. Hooray!

This increased capacity for viewing might also have a little to do with the recent acquisition of a particular cinema chain’s unlimited card (about damn time, I know), meaning I’ve been to the cinema THREE GLORIOUS TIMES this week. First up on a rainy Monday afternoon was a second viewing of Magic Mike XXL, on which I could probably write a thesis (or at least a lengthy blog post, which I will eventually get round to). Still love it. Still love it a lot, actually. There were only about six people in that particular screening – and I was in a party of three – and everyone cackled with gleeful laughter throughout. It’s another heartwarming cinema experience, and makes that film even better than it already was.

A considerably less heartwarming experience was had watching Love and Mercy, a biopic of The Beach Boys’s Brian Wilson. That was more harrowing than uplifting, and I was convinced throughout that everyone was going to die horribly (I don’t know as much about The Beach Boys as I should) and everything was going to be awful and violent forever. It’s by no means the perfect, or even very good film, I’ve seen some reviews make it out to be – there’s an ageing sequence reminiscient of 2001: A Space Odyssey which drove me bananas – but it’s worth a watch, particularly for the scene which show some of the tracks being put together. The lynchpin that draws both Love and Mercy and Magic Mike XXL together? Elizabeth Banks, who appears, fantastically, in both.

Now I think about it I’m actually disappointed that she didn’t show up in Ant-Man, the third and final cinema trip of the week. Judy Greer did though (I LOVE Judy Greer, and she’s been brutally underused in two blockbusters this summer), so all is not lost. Still, despite a lack of particular actresses I like, I enjoyed Ant-Man. I did. Not quite as much as I was expecting, admittedly, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. While I’m not sure the plot is anything new to me there were tonal shifts (a couple of moments which verged on trite were broken for laughs, which I needed) and some visual gags I appreciated a lot. I’d like to see it again in IMAX – I chose to be able to see it clearly first, because boo to 3D – but it still worked pretty well on the smaller screen. And when else am I ever going to see a fight sequence around Thomas the Tank Engine?

More serious fare this week, though, comes from Frost/Nixon, Ron Howard’s Oscar-nominated film about the famous interviews between, well, David Frost and Richard Nixon. Despite numerous recording-related calamities I was still enthralled, mesmerised by both central performances and the story. I’ve also started (and consequently become obsessed with) The Good Wife, which is apparently my new TV show. I can’t explain to you precisely what I like so much about it other than it being relatively easy to watch, but I’m enjoying it a lot. Julianna Margulies is fantastic.

Oh, and last but not least…I’m onto Parks and Rec series 2, so everything is good with the world. The cold open of series 2, which is Leslie Knope rapping, is perfect. It escalates from there. Oh Parks and Rec. You’re the best.



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