A week in film – week 40

I wish I could say that it’s been a productive week. Really, I do. But that would definitely be stretching the truth considerably. I don’t know what’s happened to me. I have seen some things – but, for the most part, I only saw bits and pieces. A couple of dances from Strictly and about ten minutes of It Takes Two, before I got bored and left the room. The end of the England-Australia Rugby World Cup match. Most depressingly, only the beginning and end of Source Code, because I fell asleep in the middle. Not exactly the most exciting of weeks in film.

Then again, it hasn’t all been like this. I’m still watching The O.C. – or I was, until I realised that Seth Cohen isn’t quite the dream man teenage me thought he was, but is actually a total dick. ‘Girls and comic books don’t mix’, Seth? Ugh. This, for some reason, bothered me like he was a real person directing that comment at me, so the show lost a bit of magic after that. Before that point, though, I’d made my way onto series two and watched four episodes before I jumped to ‘Rainy Day Women’, which is one of the show’s best episodes. I missed a whole chunk of storylines as a result, so I’m not entirely sure why I couldn’t have waited.

Other TV sessions include everything Bake Off-related – the show itself, which is obviously still a staple in my house, and An Extra Slice, which is pointless. I actually really don’t like An Extra Slice. It’s not like You’re Fired, the companion show to The Apprentice from which it nicks its format. Everyone on The Apprentice comes across as a complete arse and the challenges are ridiculous, making laughing at it all seem less objectionable. When the contestant comes across as a decent person in the interview, it’s sometimes a genuine surprise. Everyone on Bake Off, though, is nice on the show itself. Making fun of them just feels mean-spirited. Bake Off is warm and friendly – even if this week was semi-final week, and everyone was noticeably more on edge – and I’ll really miss it when it’s off the air.

I’m also apparently watching Parks and Rec again, even though Dave hasn’t started showing series 5 yet. I’m just rewatching episodes I saw twice about a month ago. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I’M STILL LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Will I ever not? Parks and Rec is basically perfect. The same can be said for Brooklyn Nine Nine, because I watched the same episode twice in one day and laughed both times. I rely on these shows never to let me down, and so far they haven’t.

The highlight of the week, though, is still The Martian. I’ve talked about this pretty extensively in my review from Wednesday, but it bears repeating that it’s really bloody good. If you like space, Matt Damon, or to be honest, if you like films in any way, I’d be surprised if you didn’t like it at least a little. I loved it, which might explain why by the time I’ve posted this I should have seen it again. Hooray for The Martian!

Next week, I’m really hoping to have fully embraced autumn and started on a whole tonne of boxed sets or watched a bunch of intelligent movies I wasn’t in the mood for over the summer. With the emphasis on ‘hoping’.


Anything to add?

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