A week in film – week 42

OK, full disclosure before I start – I’m pretty sure that I’ve spent all of this week getting ill, so I’ve been asleep for more time than I’ve been watching things. But I committed to this project back at the beginning of the year and I’m going to stick to it, obv, even on the weeks when watching and writing seems nigh-on impossible. It’s not all doom and gloom though. I mean, if you’re up for reading about why I only want to watch comedies and shows about baking right now, then you’re in luck.

Yeah,  the main series of The Great British Bake Off might be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of our lives yet. At the moment the BBC are airing four episodes of The Great British Bake Off: Masterclass, in which Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry go over how to bake some things from the challenges on the show. If you’re suffering from Bake Off withdrawal (like I am, to be fair) or you want to know a little bit more about how to actually make some delicious baked goods, it’s definitely worth a watch. Paul and Mary are great together on that show. There’s a bunch of recipes I couldn’t care less about – biscotti are disgusting and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves – but some are really useful, and it’s nice seeing them explained a little more when the bakers aren’t stressing so much about it. I haven’t baked for ages but I’m pretty motivated to make some bread and a chequerboard cake now. That is the power of the show. It will make you crave cake more than usual, and convince you that you are able to make it properly.

I’m still trying to keep up with The West Wing too, because a) every shot of the White House is making me really excited for my holiday and b) it really is brilliant. The first season is slightly frustrating because Mandy’s about, but I’ll get over it (I mean, it’s not a problem for very long). I’m at the point in the show where I remember not yet being fully invested as I watched it the first time – so progress is a little slower than it will be in a season or so – but it is still a great show and I’m happy to be watching it again. This might not be reflected in the fact that I keep falling asleep for every one in two episodes, but I am adamant that this is due to my health rather than any unconscious critique of The West Wing.

Otherwise, it’s comedy business as usual. I’m still alternating between The Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, with the watching emphasis on the latter. I really do love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, even though I know that I’m running perilously close to overwatching and don’t want to risk overdoing it to the point of annoyance. Still, season three has started airing in the States now (as has season 4 of Arrow, which I’m also looking forward to, and season 2 of The Flash, which I’m not especially but will almost certainly still watch), so hopefully it won’t be too long before I can add more episodes to my rotation.

I’m going away for work next week so TV binges might be a little short on the ground. Then again, conscious of the fact that I might be on too much of a comedy kick and needing something to fill in spare time I may or may not have, I’ve loaded my iPad up with a TV series and a film (neither of which fit squarely in that genre), so the week might not be entirely devoid of something to write about. Also, there are at least two cinema trips in the offing – no surprise in what one of them is – so there’ll be those, too. I WILL get closer to the old days of watching sometime soon, I’m sure.


Anything to add?

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