A week in film – week 44

HI EVERYONE. I vowed to write this series every week and well, here I am, typing up a post at 6am in Washington, D.C. (I said I would beat jet lag – my body clock has resolutely failed me). So because I’m on holiday and have been for a lot of the week, this is going to be short and sweet as I really don’t have a whole lot to say. This might not even post successfully as I’ll be relying on scheduling more heavily than usual, but we’ll see. I’m trying!

On the plane on the way over, there was a crazy amount of films to choose from: the vast majority of which I hadn’t seen. I could have caught up on Spy, or Man Up, or Tomorrowland – all of which I was going to see in the cinema before something else distracted me. Numerous possibilities…and I just stuck to Marvel. Flying was making me a bit stressed, and I felt like I needed the comfort. First of all, I started watching Avengers: Age of Ultron before we’d even taken off, and it made me smile so much I actually hurt my face. I know I’ve seen it relatively recently, but it proved to be exactly what I needed to calm down. I also had time to revisit Ant-Man, which is still the only Marvel film I’ve seen just the once at the cinema since I started watching them – a pretty definitive sign of disappointment. A tiny plane screen isn’t exactly the ideal place to enjoy the weird visuals (the first shrinking sequence was still great, but really deserves a bigger screen), but I found myself more engaged with the film than I remembered before. Paul Rudd is great, it’s genuinely funny, and while I wish it had been refocused around Hope and The Wasp this time around, I’m happy that I’ll get to see a film that leans more in that direction (Ant-Man and The Wasp was recently announced as the title of the sequel).

Otherwise, though – and it only seems appropriate – I’ve been indulging in a steady stream of episodes of The West Wing. Autumn’s my favourite time for boxed sets and The West Wing is my favourite boxed set, so even if I hadn’t been coming here I probably would have been watching it anyway (because it is PERFECT). I thought briefly that I’d have time to fully familiarise myself with US Netflix, because I am an idiot and forgot that all of my available time would be crammed with activities, but the only show I’ve watched on it is The West Wing – apart from one episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to break it up (a mistake, because it’s truly dull). Binging on The West Wing helped me through my first jet-lagged morning and I shall be forever grateful. As if it needed to make me love it more. Well done, US Netflix, for having it and so many other good things I would have watched but didn’t. It has Parks and Rec too! So much better than our UK version.

Not a lot else to add, other than to say that next week I should be even closer to getting back to a normal routine. This could mean more variety of watching, or could also mean more of The West Wing. Really, it could go either way.


Anything to add?

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