A week in film – week 45

I want to start this week’s post with something more imaginative than shouting that I’m back…but I don’t feel like that’s going to happen, somehow. Yeah, I’M BACK – both in the sense of returning from holiday, and in that I’ve watched a load of stuff this week (and some of it was actually new). Not a very imaginative start to a post, I know, but it does the trick.

Another six and a half hour plane flight came in handy, kicking off the trend for watching by providing ages when there is almost nothing else you are able to do (which is amazing). I somehow timed my viewing pattern so well (through no planning whatsoever) that the credits on the final film were rolling as the plane landed. I’m still unreasonably proud of that. To start the marathon, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, which I’ve written about loads of times before (I think this must be the fourth time I’ve seen it), and like Age of Ultron last week, still had me grinning to the point of injury. I LOVE it, so much. I can’t fully explain why, but the love is there and it’s real, and I think that I could probably watch that film about once a week and not get particularly bored. Which is both high praise and not a possibility completely out of left field.

The plane wasn’t just an opportunity to watch films I had already seen and loved (although it was pretty great for that). Knowing that I’m probably not going to have a chance to watch some recent releases without paying now – and that I’d generally seen every recent film that I was convinced I was going to like – I decided to take a chance on a couple. Pitch Perfect 2, to be fair to it, was entertaining: just not as much as I wanted it to be. I’d been prepared for the ‘that girl’s a lesbian/that girl’s Latina, isn’t that hilarious?’ bits so I tried to tune them out as much as I could, which left a couple of jokes that did actually land. But isn’t it basically exactly the same as the first one, with fewer good songs?

I knew a bit about what I was expecting with Pitch Perfect 2, so I took more of a gamble with Man Up. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned on here that’s rom coms aren’t generally my thing. I’m not entirely sure why I decided that this one, of all the films available that I hadn’t seen, was worth a shot. However, I’m really glad I watched it. I really enjoyed both Simon Pegg and Lake Bell’s performances – especially Lake Bell, who has a flawless English accent (and not just the generic RP one) throughout. It’s fun, it’s occasionally amazingly cringe, and I cared enough about the characters and the story to not just swallow but to actually will on the (fairly typical) ending. I’m hoping it holds up to a second viewing.

On the TV side, things are possibly a bit less unusual. About five episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in a row, because when asked what I want to watch, I’m predictable. The first episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, because I do occasionally watch what I’m recommended (I don’t quite know how I feel about it yet, so I’m going to have to keep going at least until I figure it out). A lot of The West Wing, obviously. But mainly Arrow. SO MUCH ARROW. I’m not even going to admit to what episode of the first series I’m on after starting it again this Tuesday, because it does really hammer home the fact that I don’t go out a lot at the moment. Of all the things to watch on US Netflix in the airport I picked an episode from series 2 (the best series) really close to the end, and got it into my head that I needed to watch the whole thing again. I really don’t need to watch it all again, even a little bit, but my word am I enjoying it. In fact, it is preposterous how much I am enjoying it. Not a new TV binge to get my head around, I know, but it HAS been a while and somehow that makes it better?


Anything to add?

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