A week in film – week 50

I am writing this post off the back of an evening’s binge on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and I have not yet recovered. Partly because I’m out of practice binging. Partly because I still don’t quite understand why I was binging on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. About a month ago I declared that, after watching an episode from midway through season two, I was done – I was never going to watch it ever again. Then people kept repeatedly suggesting that it was getting good again after that point, and a weak moment browsing on demand TV ‘never going to watch it ever again’ became ‘I am going to watch this right now’…and then I lost an evening to it. Er. Is it actually good? Did I just get too lazy to change the programme? Either way, it’s there. I’ve finished season 2 and because A Thing Happened with one of my favourite characters right at the end, I’m probably going to have to at least start watching season 3 when it airs in the UK. Good grief. That came out of nowhere.

Another, slightly newer and hopefully more permanent, addiction this week comes about as I start to FINALLY watch Supergirl. Supergirl, if you’re not familiar with the concept, is the cousin of Superman who was sent from Krypton to look after him but because of reasons didn’t arrive on Earth until much later. The latest series, helmed by the showrunners for Arrow and The Flash, started longer ago than I thought and I’ve been wanting to watch it since it began but never found a way. Until now! And I am so glad I did. I was really into Smallville for a while, and Supergirl holds some of the same appeal for me. It’s completely charming, I actually really like (most of) the flying effects, which helps enormously, and while it’s not particularly groundbreaking content-wise, it is trying to fill a huge cultural hole where female superheroes should be. Undoubtedly a completely different tone to Jessica Jones (another step forward for female comic book characters on TV), but so much more my cup of tea right now.

I’ve been filling some of the space around these shows with a couple of fail-safe shows: lots and lots of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and a couple of episodes of Community. And the Community episodes were ‘Advanced Dungeons and Dragons’ and ‘Fistful of Paintballs’, so there was absolutely no chance that they’d fail to make me laugh again. I actually didn’t watch any Parks and Rec this week, but if I had I would have been completely sorted for sitcoms. I would have needed nothing else.

I have also, at long last, watched more than one film in a week: though neither of them were new to me, which would have been better. Sunshine on Leith came first, and it’s still gloriously sunny and fun and filled with Proclaimers songs, so it’s pretty hard not to like. I have some problems with it – actually, I have quite a few problems with it – but overall it’s an enjoyable experience to watch it, and I could think of far worse ways to spend an evening.

Better though was obviously Chicken Run, because Chicken Run is GREAT. It’s also incredibly short for a feature, but doesn’t feel that short when you occasionally notice yourself wondering how long it would have taken everyone at Aardman to get every single shot. The patience is overwhelming. I will always admire Chicken Run for that, and I will love it because it is funny and entertaining and just a great film.

This crazy mix of things does mean something pretty nice though – I’m back wanting to watch things again. OK, sure, my choices might not be excellent, but it’s a start and I will run with it for now (we’re not quite at Once Upon A Time levels of inexplicable TV addiction yet).


Anything to add?

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