A week in film – week 51

It’s just before Christmas and I can’t let myself get too sucked into the festive hysteria because I have four more days at work. Yeah, I know. But instead of being too much of a Grinch, I’ve been channelling my attentions into watching as many cheery things as I can. And I have watched many things. Including a little independent sequel almost no-one would have heard of…

Yeah, lame lead-ins aside, I’ve seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens and honestly, I’m surprised by how much I cared about Star Wars. I was excited for the film, but I really thought it was because other people’s excitement was rubbing off on me. I wasn’t prepared for the level of personal investment I noticed from myself as I was watching it. It’s another cinema experience where I’ve hurt my face from beaming: I was happy to see EVERYONE, and everything. I loved Ray, I loved Finn, I loved pretty much all the characters. I was scoffing at the BB-8 fans before I went in but now I am among them, obsessed with that adorable rolling droid (he’s SO CUTE). I’m steering far far away from discussing the actual plot because I don’t want to get in trouble, but I was pretty happy with that too. All in all, Star Wars was good, and I’m not going to fill up too much more of the internet talking about how good it is. It’s going to pass my two trip test, though.

On a slightly less enthusiastic note, I decided to revisit Monsters University. I hated it the first time and it’s niggled at me ever since – I don’t want to hate a Pixar movie, but I did, and that made my brain hurt. Rewatching it, though, I was pleasantly surprised. The first time I was annoyed at how unoriginal it felt (campus comedies always have the same beats, and this wasn’t any different) and how it made no sense to me in light of Monsters, Inc (like, why do we want to invest in a scare competition when the end of Monsters, Inc basically made being scary redundant). Going in to it again with these in mind, I didn’t have a lot to lose and it let me appreciate some other things a bit more: the voice acting is good, there are some solid jokes, and the animation is gorgeous. It’s never going to be my favourite Pixar movie, but I have to take at least some of the angry comments I made in its direction back.

Other random films from this week include Guardians of the Galaxy, which I watched while building some IKEA furniture (because the new house desperately needed somewhere to put DVDs like Guardians of the Galaxy). Still love it. I also watched about half of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol while I was finishing off that Sunday night DIY, so some pretty good choices were made on that day. A slightly more questionable choice was The Heat, which actually improved as we watched it and had a fairly nice ending, but wasn’t particularly my kind of film. Oh well. There’s bound to be a few things I watch that I’m neither that impressed or bothered by.

Otherwise, it’s been a fairly standard week: bit of Arrow, bit of Supergirl, bit of Community. I’m still loving Supergirl quite a lot: I’m a big fan of most of the characters, although mainly Kara, James, and Kat. It’s fun to watch, and I’m really happy to be watching it. Arrow and Community barely need elaborating on because I am obviously obsessed with them and clearly will never get bored.

It’s NEXT week that’s going to go full Christmas – and spoiler alert: there will be Muppets involved.



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