A week in film – 2016, week 10

How is it week 10 of this series already? How is it March? I’m turning 23 next week and I’ve been employed – proper, post-grad, full-time employed – for almost six months. Time’s running away with me, and instead of trying to confront its inevitability head on I’ve been more inclined to sit on the sofa and binge-watch Community (which I have done…I’ve seen about eight episodes of series 3, only skipping out the Abed and Annie in the Dreamatorium and the video game ones). Some things never change.

It’s been business as usual with most of my viewing, as I genuinely shrieked aloud when a particular Fitzsimmons-related incident happened on Sunday’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. A week later (my note-taking has gone out of the window) and I couldn’t tell you much else about that episode – I mean, I remember being glad there was a continuity insert line explaining that Powers Boothe was playing the same character he played in Avengers Assemble – but I could probably quote that Fitzsimmons scene verbatim. AAARGH. I’m both so frustrated by my investment in those characters and the fact that they’re almost certainly never going to live happily ever after together.

Agent Carter also continues fantastic, even if the fact that I’m still running a week behind doesn’t sound too encouraging. Again, Peggy can never catch a break (getting impaled would have been bad enough on its own, without Jason disappearing again), and again, I crave more Peggy and Jarvis scenes. But Whitney Frost is turning into a great, threatening villain – not the Lady Macbeth-type she looked to be in the first episode, but fully capable of inflicting her will on people by herself. The season’s ended in the States but I’m still as spoiler-free as possible and I actually haven’t a clue where that storyline is going, and unusually for me, I’m really enjoying that.

We’ve also watched the second episode of Fringe, which probably freaked me out more than the first did. I’ve mentioned that I’m a chicken before and I find any body horror situation scary, so realistically I can accept that I’m going to find Fringe challenging. I’ve been using my phone as a baby blanket, scrolling through Twitter when I couldn’t look at the screen any more – and this week I ran out of tweets to look at. If you couple body horror with horrifying human behaviour, I’ll be even more unsettled, and Fringe nails that in its second episode. But if I wasn’t enjoying the characters, and if I wasn’t a bit curious about the origins of the Pattern, I’d have stopped watching it by now. On the plus side, maybe it’ll gradually dull my fear?

This week has actually followed a similar pattern to last, making up for the weeks and weeks where I haven’t made it to the cinema recently. We went to see Hail, Caesar! this Saturday evening, which I really enjoyed at the time – although I’d be hard-pressed to tell you a lot about it now (and it’s only a day later). All of the scenes taken from the films within the film might be the highlights, taking on the genres so popular in the studio system (musical, Biblical epic, Western) and stretching them as far as they will go. The performances, too, are laced with comedy – apart from Josh Brolin’s Eddie Mannix, the comparatively straight man of the movie. It might not necessarily work as a whole or stick with you completely afterwards, but the individual elements are so fun, and so silly, that it’s a really enjoyable ride while it lasts.

Also, the Ghostbusters trailer. It might not be perfect – but it’s Ghostbusters. I’m going to watch it about five times.


Anything to add?

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