A week in film – 2016, week 27

This week is a quiet week. Almost exclusively because I’ve spent most of it in hotel rooms across Wales for work, and in Denmark for an actual holiday. Due to a series of (occasionally unfortunate) incidents, opportunities for proper, committed, intellectual viewing have been very, very thin on the ground which, I’ll be honest, doesn’t make for the most exciting post.

I’m also writing this on a Friday, so I can be super-prepared and not forget about this on my holiday. A good idea, if it didn’t cut down more opportunities for films.

This week hasn’t entirely been without incident though. I’ve learned that sometimes, however much you try and will it, your brain refuses to handle any new information. This happens to me quite a lot, and pretty consistently it’ll happen on a Sunday evening – by that point in the weekend your mind doesn’t want to think about anything proper, complex, or unusual. At least, mine doesn’t. This is undoubtedly why I watched Tangled this Sunday night, drained of inspiration and the determination to broaden my cinematic horizons. Who cares, though, ’cause Tangled is really bloody good. Disney’s recent retelling of the Rapunzel story might since have been overshadowed by Frozen, and is certainly a bit more standard Disney princess fare than Frozen, but it still has heaps of charm and Disney goodwill. (Plus, Flynn Rider is hot, everyone, let’s be honest with ourselves.) Overall the design is completely beautiful, particularly the visual of Rapunzel’s tower in its isolated clearing – apart from Rapunzel herself, whose eyes are SO large and Disney princess they border on creepy. The film’s most arresting scene continues to be with the lanterns, which makes me shiver every time: the song itself I can take or leave (yeah, really – it’s basically ‘A Whole New World’), but the scene surrounding it, and the emotion it conveys, is beautiful how many times I watch it. Admittedly, I’m not sure I could argue as convincingly that Tangled was better than Frozen in the same way I used to (the Frozen soundtrack has endured many, many more repeat plays), but I still like it a lot.

Friday Night Lights continues to be great, as I knew it would be. I don’t think this is binge-watch syndrome kicking in – I like it because it’s good, not just because I’ve been mainlining it at every available opportunity. Friday Night Lights deals with issues that I don’t think I’ve seen very often on mainstream TV – the emotional impact of lasting physical injury; teenage identity – in a way that hasn’t seemed patronising in the slightest. I’m edging my way closer to the end of the first series, too, and my interest in (and affection for) all of the characters only increases with every passing episode.

Honestly, that’s it. Those two things. This may be the most drab week in film post yet. But there’s hope at the end of this (admittedly quite short) tunnel – I have a week off next week! So prepare for ALL THE FILMS.


Anything to add?

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