A week in film – 2016, week 50

Honestly, you make it almost two years without a late post and then two come along in quick succession. Going from someone who did basically nothing with their weekends (actually, going from being a humanities student with an abundance of free time all week long) to a full-time employee with a house and a commute and a whole bunch of adult responsibilities has finally taken its toll, and the brunt of this neglect has been thrown towards my blog. My blog, which I love to write, and love to research (i.e. watch a whole bunch of TV for) has suffered. So while I figure out a way to manage everything and still get to write these weekly posts before the New Year kicks in, there are going to be a few bumps in the road. I’m really sorry, but thank you for bearing with me – and I’m not giving up on this. I’m just a little off-track, is all.

Fortunately, while they aren’t new films, I do have two films to talk about: Avengers Assemble and Bill. Not your conventional double bill, but I would totally watch them as that (even if the double bill happened to be over consecutive days this week). Avengers Assemble, Joss Whedon’s 2012 nerd joy fest, is still one of my favourite films and undoubtedly the benchmark for modern superhero movies (in fact, modern action movies). The third act battle scene is so well done, with every single character – OK, perhaps not Hawkeye – getting at least one great moment. The hero shot, where the camera pans around the group as they gear up to fight the Chitauri, is basically one of my favourite things ever committed to film. Yeah, it isn’t perfect – it might be because I’ve watched it ten thousand times (potentially not an exaggeration), but I’m somehow always surprised to find that, even midway through the scenes on the helicarrier, there’s still an hour left of the film. At two hours and twenty three minutes, it’s long (although not the longest superhero film of the MCU age), and it can’t be denied that it occasionally feels it. But on the whole, throwing a bunch of beloved characters together, and giving them great, great dialogue, works. It’ll never stop working, either.

As for Bill – as in Shakespeare – it’s really hard not to love, especially if you’re even vaguely nerdy about literature or history. Also if you’re a fan of finding things funny. From the Horrible Histories team, it’s irreverent, smart, and playful. There’s an abundance of slapstick, a joke every ten seconds, and a bunch of great actors playing about seven characters apiece. It’s also another one of those solid family films which contains jokes working for both adults and kids (and I’m talking about the same jokes; not the one-for-them and one-for-us jokes some kids’ films have). Basically, if you haven’t seen Bill, Christmas is as good a time as any to do it.

Putting new Gilmore Girls aside for a second (which, seeing as I’ve had very little interest in continuing through the seasons, isn’t a good sign), I’ve headed back to series four looking for a little comfort. Not my brightest idea, as the end of season four is only good for one Gilmore – thank God for Lorelai and Luke, is all I’m saying – and times are super, super annoying for Rory. Seriously, if season four is the start of Rory making terrible decisions, the end of season four is her at her worst…until you get to her dropping out of Yale. The Dean storyline is ceaselessly frustrating, not least because Dean is the worst of her boyfriends (especially when he’s married), and while it’s a reminder that she’s human and flawed, it’s not an easy watch – and ‘He was my boyfriend first!’ is not a good sentiment. In fact, it’s the kind of upsetting where you have to immediately start watching the next series to expunge the badness from your brain…which I promptly did. And then have since watched another half of that series. Basically, I’ve become obsessed with the middle seasons of Gilmore Girls again, and even though this is a bad idea – I have SO MUCH else to watch – I’m so, so happy to be back watching it.

As well as being behind on the blog I’m behind on The Flash and Supergirl, for which I really have no excuse other than Gilmore Girls. Still, the plan for next week – OK, who am I kidding: it’s this week at this point – is to start a new show, watch a couple of new films, and do a whole bunch of stuff. It can be done!


Anything to add?

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